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3/21/13: MSN Money Discusses Kraft Mac & Cheese and Artificial Dyes: Yellow #5 and Yellow #6


Last week,  ABC News brought forth the story of 2 mom’s who are petitioning Kraft (ABC video) to remove two artificial food dyes (Yellow #5 and Yellow #6) from Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, a favorite food product of many children.  The North Carolina moms/ food bloggers point out that Kraft has already removed artificial dyes from the same product that is sold in Europe and that they should follow suit in the United States.   Write up of the story can also be found in March 8th, 2013 Fox News.

In follow up, the question is asked by Aimee Picchi in this MSN Money story, Why Are Dyes in Kraft’s US Mac & Cheese? The article states that last weeks coverage  ”prompting more than 227,000 consumers to sign a petition to get food additives out of the kid favorite”.

For more information on Yellow #5 and Yellow #6 please see  WhyDye blogs How Mellow is Your Yellow? and Picking Pickles



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