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Skipping the Artificial Dyes: Natural Dyes for Easter Eggs

If you are getting ready to roll up your sleeves to dye some eggs for an Easter hunt or a festive holiday decoration you may be interested in some natural dye options.

Perhaps the easiest route to go is choosing a natural egg dye pre-packaged product such as Dip and Decorate Natural Egg Dye which uses ingredients such as cabbage, beets, spinach, annatto, and tumeric.

But if you are inspired to make home made natural dyes there are options, many probably already in your kitchen, that generate gentle, muted tones that are visually striking and well-suited for the Easter holiday.  Examples of ingredients that can be used to make a natural egg dye include juice (beet, grape and pomegranate), green tea, blueberries, chili powder and turmeric.

For a how-to look at skipping artificial dyes and creating natural dyes for Easter eggs check out USA Today: Worried About Artificial Dyes at Easter? Make Your Own. How to Make Natural Dyes for Easter Eggs.

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