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The Chicago Tribune Discusses the “Natural vs. Synthetic Food Coloring Debate”


Emily Bryson York of the Chicago Tribune discusses  natural vs. synthetic  food colors in her July 16th, 2013 article: Serving up a Debate: Natural vs. Synthetic Food Coloring.

The article discusses that food dyes are a “hot topic” at the  2013 Institute of Food Technologist Annual Meeting and Food Expo, currently underway in Chicago.

The topic has raised attention due to recent media and news coverage linking negative health effects to artificial dyes.

This past Winter ABC News brought forth the story of 2 mom’s who are petitioning Kraft (ABC video) to remove two artificial food dyes (Yellow #5 and Yellow #6) from Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, a favorite food product of many children.  The North Carolina moms/ food bloggers point out that Kraft has already removed artificial dyes from the same product that is sold in Europe and that they should follow suit in the United States.   Write up of the story can also be found in March 8th, 2013 Fox News

As discussed in the March 2013 MSN Money story, Why Are Dyes in Kraft’s US Mac & Cheese? The news coverage of the dyes used in Kraft Macaroni and Cheese ended up  ”prompting more than 227,000 consumers to sign a petition to get food additives out of the kid favorite”.

As the public demand for natural coloring continues to grow more food chains are looking to follow the likes of Whole Foods who “prohibit foods with synthetic dyes”.




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