Panera’s Plan to Propel: The food chain plans to remove all artificial dyes from its products by 2016

In the June 3rd, 2014 CBS News article Panera will dump all food additives by 2016, Panera Bread has announced that “the chain …


Artificial Dye Removal Recap: Kraft, Chick-fil-A, Starbucks Respond to Consumer Demand

2013 was a year of greater consumer awareness of ingredients in popular food products and subsequent outcry to manufacturers to make healthy changes.
The December 17th, …


The Chicago Tribune Discusses the “Natural vs. Synthetic Food Coloring Debate”

Emily Bryson York of the Chicago Tribune discusses  natural vs. synthetic  food colors in her July 16th, 2013 article: Serving up a Debate: Natural …


AARP Examines Arficial Dyes and Other Additives Banned From Foods Consumed Outside the U.S.

The AARP  Bulletin Today/ Personal Health Section presents interesting and disturbing tid bids in their 06/25/13 article 8 Foods We Eat That Other …


Chicago Tribune Asks “Do diet changes help ADHD Children?”

On May 22, 21013 the Chicago Tribune addresses artificial food dyes effect on behavior in their article Do diet changes help ADHD Children.
In the …


More on Red Dye #40 and Effect on Behavior

May 6th, 2013:
WZZM 13 abc does a great job presenting a brief history of artificial food dyes along with presenting a child who presents with …

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